Growing together
  1. Construction additives, Paints & Asphalt Construction additives, Paints & Asphalt

    TOLSA Group manufactures a wide range of additives and special fillers with use in a wide variety of fields and industrial applications.

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  2. Animal feed & Agro Animal feed & Agro

    Products to enhance feed quality, animal health, wellness and care for the environment.

    TOLSA Group offers specific additives for Animal Feed which have been selected, processed and registered for all animal species.

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  3. Civil eng., Foundry, Paper and Oil & Gas Civil eng., Foundry, Paper and Oil & Gas

    CIVIL ENGINEERING: In the past 50 years a marked development of construction activities worldwide have been seen, continuously pushing the boundaries of applied technology.
    FOUNDRY: The foundry sand molds in green are the most used in casting due to its versatility and greater economic efficiency.
    PAPER: The paper industry has been improving its efficiency, both energy and production in recent years, so have evolved the requirements of this application, both in quality and cost.

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  4. Industrial Absorbents Industrial Absorbents

    TOLSA Group has an extensive range of specialized absorbents in the prevention and absorption of spillages, adapted to any type of liquid and environment of use. Among these absorbents we include traditional mineral granular products, calcined, recycled, vegetal, polypropylene absorbents.

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  5. Microspheres Microspheres

    Tolsa Group manufactures a range of spherical and rounded fillers with use in a wide variety of fields and industrial applications.

    Sphere is the nature more efficient shape with the lowest surface area compared to volume.

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  6. Refining & Purification Refining & Purification

    Under the brand MINCLEAR, TOLSA Group provides a widespread range of products in continuous development and renovation, designed to meet the different markets related to refining and purification, including the waste treatment and wastewater treatment.

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  7. Waterproof. & Environmental Remediation Waterproof. & Environmental Remediation

    TOLSA Environmental Services (TES) is the division which agglomerates all the environmental activities from TOLSA Group, as waste inertisation, landfill waterproofing and soil remediation.

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Inside the earth. Within our lives.

Additives and industrial products that improve efficiency of materials.

TOLSA Group offers in over 90 countries, a wide range of additives and industrial products that provide high added value and improve performance and efficiency of materials, so as to processes and systems to which are incorporated.

The reliability basis of TOLSA Group industrial products and services lie in the whole integration of key processes developed in over 12 countries where TOLSA Group has presence. From extraction of their own mineral, plant processing through own developed processes to final client delivery, always under accurate international policies and certificates of Quality, Environmental, Food Safety, and Social Responsibility.