Abso’Net Elite – Absorbents product launch

TOLSA Group has launched a new product range of Industrial Absorbents based on Calcined Diatomite, under a single trademark called Abso’Net Elite.

The main performances of Abso’Net Elite range are:

  • Reliable absorbent performance on any type of spillage;
  • Versatile behavior against any kind of spillage;
  • Good performance with acids, including strong acids;
  • Safety at work;
  • Fireproof;
  • It is harmless to people, animals and plants;
  • Lightweight product to transport and in its use;
  • Natural (no chemicals or modifications);
  • It is not decomposed after absorption.

Abso’Net Elite has obtained the German official DEKRA type IIIR approval, for it uses on roads and motorways of their national road network.

Abso’Net Elite allows universal use even under the most demanding conditions, especially for the following uses: Service stations, garages, roads and highways maintenance, airports, harbors, service and cleaning companies, railway, transport companies, firemen, army, general industry, energy sector etc.

Abso’Net Elite consists of 3 new specific products (with three different formats):


(1.0 – 4.0 mm)


(0.8 – 2.0 mm)


(0.3 – 0.7 mm)

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